Monday, January 12, 2009

thank you mom

My mom rocks. I learned to sew from my mother. She sewed all of my and my sister's figure skating outfits for years. Mom, sister and I are all shorter than 5'4", so many pants have been hemmed. Clothing repaired, blankets made, you name it. She supported our skating by sewing dresses for others, her own at home business. Where was etsy then? ;)

But lately the desire to sew, I believe, has waned over the years. Upon discovering my new enterprise of sewing baby booties, she took the time to empty out her sewing room (a room any sewer would be jealous of). I now have a few boxes of elastic, thread, binding, buttons, material, scraps, and more. The buttons, however, are the real gem. Vintage buttons from mother, grandmother and great grandmother. Some of them you can tell have been cut off shirts, jackets, or pants. My grandmother was married during the depression, and she taught me the art of finding many uses and saving the littlest thing for that rainy day. But have I cut buttons off of a ragged shirt before tossing? Nope, don't think it's ever occurred to me. What my grandmother and mother have taught me could fill a whole other blog, so that's for another day.

I had a weekend with no obligations, so off we went snowshoeing and came back tired, a good tired, and well relaxed. Husband snoozed on the couch, my Laura in her crib, and off I went into the craft room. I happened to see some batik scrap material I had leftover from some project years ago that I think I never finished (I can be the ultimate procrastinator). I decided to do a little present to mom and started to create a small wall hanging. Pattern? nah. Plan? nah. But I think it turned out okay.

My daughter and I headed to the post office today and shipped her thank you present. Just that simple act of shipping out sewing materials that she thought I could use, meant the world to me. It's her way of saying 'I love you.'

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